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Sean Walters

sean waltersSean Walters is a sharp up and coming Internet Marketer, who is the Founder of SoftwareXchange Sean’s focus is geared towards helping online entrepreneurs generate income from the comfort of their homes. Many of the people that Sean has worked with have gone on to build massive organizations by using various techniques that he teaches. During the last several years while working online, Sean has launched various successful Internet businesses and has been a top marketer in many niches as well as in some of the high end top tier programs. Currently, Sean is in the process of developing several highly anticipated software programs and courses to better serve the home based business niche. Despite all of the projects that he is involved in, Sean’s willingness to share his marketing insight with others is second to none. Some other important facts that you may not know about Sean Walters…

RESIDENCE: Portland, Oregon

PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES: Attended college at the same time that he was in the military while serving overseas. Sean was a Marine Corps Drill Instructor and was also a Vice President of a Fortune 25 company. He also supported his country by serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

INTERESTS: Since his early days in military he has been heavily involved in self help, personal development, and self improvement. He has studied countless audios, books, courses and various training programs that have allowed him to overcome multiple obstacles in his life while growing up. With that acquired knowledge he has applied many of those same concepts that he has learned to his own life and business. These same tools are directly responsible for helping him in so many ways over the years to overcome various challenges that would have forced the average person to quit rather than pursue their dreams. One of the things that has always stuck with Sean the most in life is to give more often than he receives. Some of his other favorite interests include bodybuilding, running marathons, reading, and traveling.


  • Programming99%
  • Software Development96.2%
  • Marketing91.7%
  • Lead Generation89.6%
  • SEO85%
  • Social Media Marketing82.4%

Software Products

Classified Ads Software

Classified Ads Software

We offer various classified ads software tools that enable you to reach hundreds to thousands of fresh prospects daily...

Social Media Software

Social Media Software

We offer several social media software tools that enable you to reach communicate on various levels to draw in new prospects daily...

TE and SL Software

TE and SL Software

We offer a traffic exchange and safelist software platform that enables you to earn credits with complete automation...


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